The 4 Pillars

EDUCATE... because knowledge breeds empowerment

Feeling Awesome dancing in school
South Branch P.S., Kemptville, ON (UCDSB)

Through guidance, coaching and positive energy, Momentum Moves motivates and influences students to use creative physical activity as a means to challenge themselves and build confidence.

INSPIRE... because exploration unlocks potential

These students rock at hip hop dancing!
Roch Carrier E.S., Kanata, ON (OCDSB)

Through play, Momentum Moves creates an environment where students explore the world around them though creative movement, enabling them to discover their limitless possibilities.

MOTIVATE... because desire overcomes challenges

2015 Momentum Dance Challenge Top Performers
St. Patrick Catholic H.S. Ottawa, ON

Momentum Moves believes it is important to demonstrate to youth that participation, above winning, is key to a successful and healthy life.

PLAY... because enjoyment fosters learning

Amber embraces her playfulness with kindergarten
Toniata P.S., Brockville, ON (UCDSB)

Momentum Moves reinforces that physical activity, and the balance of mind, body and soul, will encourage development that transcends the classroom.

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