Mr. Bill
Movement has always been a part of Mr. Bill's life as an athlete in school. Although dance only formally entered his life at 25, it has always been in the background of his story in one way or another - as a B-boy in the 80's, school musicals and talent shows. Dance opened many doors to great experiences for Mr. Bill including performing, choreographing, teaching, directing and the creation of Momentum Moves. His role as director allows him to create new opportunities for dancers young and old, and provide job opportunities for dancers who want to teach.

Throughout 20+ years as an instructor, Mr. Bill has collected a breadth of knowledge beyond dance to develop a unique style of teaching today. His understanding of movement, group dynamics, learning development, communication, compassion and - most importantly - the need for play in learning help create a vibrant atmosphere where dancers of all ages can thrive. His other creative outlet is photography so prepare yourself for a dynamic experience!

M. Bill aime aussi enseigner la danse en français! 

Simon Beckett

Simon Beckett entered the dance world at 14 in Barrie, Ontario. He built a solid foundation in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary before taking to the stage. At 17, he began dancing competitively where he was quickly recognized as an outstanding performer with a captivating stage presence.


At 18, he moved to Ottawa in order to study Aviation at Algonquin College. This move also created an opportunity to further develop his dance skills as a member of “Pulse N’ Limited” dance crew. Adding to his diverse repertoire, Simon has since specialized in the funk style of popping under the alias “SoulPilot”, with a focused interest in Locking.

Simon has put his goal of becoming an airline pilot on hold to follow is artistic dream. He is currently one of Ottawa’s most sought after competitive hip hop choreographers. His dedication to the style, and the art of dance, has pushed him to learn more so he can better educate his students. Not only is he a successful choreographer, he is also an accomplished instructor for Momentum Moves Canada, teaching dance workshops in elementary and high schools.

Amber Green

Amber Green first started exploring movement through figure skating where she trained and competed for 16 years. Her technical dance training began in 2006 at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and the National Ballet School. Since graduating from the 3 year Professional Contemporary Dance Training program at The School of Dance in 2015 Amber has performed with several professional companies in Ottawa, such as Shannon Cooney and Keaja D’dance at Canadian Dance Festival, Amelia Griffin in TACTICS and presented her own choreography at Dark Horse Dance Projects 2016. 

Amber has learned that dance can be a powerful tool for expression and healing. An underlying theme in her dance philosophy is safety by analyzing how a particular movement works.  She hopes to prolong optimal range of motion in children and adults by continuing to learn healthier ways to move the body. As the contemporary technique trainer at the Gloucester Skating Club Amber combines her knowledge of dance and figure skating in order to develop a dance syllabus for each level of the StarSkate program. Amber is a certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher.
Not only is Amber a movement professional, she is a lot of fun! Her contemporary choreography always inspires students of all ages to express themselves in a creatively new way.

Mercedes Rivoire

Mercedes trained extensively with Canadian School of Dance in Ottawa where she studied ADAPT, Jazz, Tap, RAD Ballet, Hip Hop and Music Theatre. As part of the studio's competitive team she learned the value of commitment and integrity in order to succeed on her own and with the team. Dance allowed her the space to express and discover herself in many different ways, which is how she discovered her love for Musical Theatre  She attended the St. Lawrence College Music Theatre program where she performed as a singer and dance in several musicals. Nice graduation  Mercedes continues to seek training opportunities to develop her dance and teaching skills.

Mercedes has the kind of vibrant energy that kids are naturally drawn to. Her talents mixed with a joy for creativity inspires her students to open themselves to explore how dance can move them in ways they never expected. She is grateful for the opportunity to teach in schools, to share the world of dance with students, and to them work together in developing new skills.

Mercedes enseigne aussi en français!!  

Contact: / 613-851-9770