Marc-André Clément (Ottawa)

Co-Founder of Momentum Moves Canada, Marc-André Clément is passionate about movement - dedicating his life to the promotion of a positive and active lifestyle. With over twenty years experience as a PE teacher, Elite Trainer with GoodLife Fitness Clubs and, currently, as the Athletic Facilities Director at Collègge La Cité, his immeasurable knowledge of the health and fitness industry allows him to relate to every individual. With his certification in High Five and ViPR Master Trainer, Marc-André is also recognized for his ability to inspire and develop leadership skills for youth and adults. In addition, Marc- André is well known as the National Executive Director of Culture Shock Canada, a non-profit dance organization specializing in professional entertainment and community enrichment.

B.Sc. Human Kinetics – University of Ottawa
B.Ed. – University of Ottawa
Personal Training Specialist - CanFitPro
      Twist (ViPR) Master Trainer
Culture Shock Canada National Executive Director
Culture Shock Canada National Youth Outreach Director

Mr. Bill (Ottawa)

Mr. Bill wants to make the world a better place! He fully believes that dance is the greatest physical activity anyone can do to elevate the quality of our personal health because of the body-mind connection. Throughout his career as an energetic instructor, he has always used his classes to empower his students with positive insight and influence. 

Co-Founder of Momentum Moves Canada and Momentum Dance Challenge
Photographer – Just B Photographic
Group Fitness Instructor

Jennalee Desjardins (Toronto)
Jennalee teaches Hip Hop classes all over Ottawa and surrounding region. Her passion and energy shine on and off the dance floor. She brings a positive vibe and great sense of humour to every class she teaches.

Graduate of English and International Development Studies – King’s College (Halifax)
Culture Shock Ottawa Assistant Youth Outreach Director
Culture Shock Ottawa Assistant Artistic Director
Culture Shock Toronto Co-Artistic Director

Katie Gauthier (Ottawa)
For Katie, teaching and sharing her passion for dance is an amazing experience. From learning skills as a dancer to creating choreography for students of all ages to performing on national and international stages, she is very grateful to be able to continue being a part of the dance community.

Graduate of Political Science and International Affairs - Carleton University (Ottawa)
Culture Shock Ottawa Youth Outreach Director
Future Shock Ottawa Co-Artistic Director

Simon Beckett (Ottawa)
Choreographer and performer Simon Beckett entered the dance world at 14 in Barrie, Ontario. He built a solid foundation in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary before taking to the stage. At 17, he began dancing competitively where he was quickly recognized as an outstanding performer with a captivating stage presence.

At 18, he moved to Ottawa in order to study Aviation at Algonquin College. This move also created an opportunity  to further hone and sharpen his dance skills. Since his arrival, he’s become a quintessential performer with the dance crew “Pulse N’ Limited”, an urban style troupe. Adding to his diverse repertoire, Simon has since specialized in the funk style of popping under the alias “SoulPilot”, with a recent interest in Locking.

Given his background and experience within the dance scene and community, he brings a unique style in creating high energy and entertaining choreography. One of his main aspirations is to humbly teach the next generation of dancers in performers in hopes to pass on the history, knowledge, and experience he has acquired thus far.

Amber Green (Ottawa)