About us

For several years, we watched, read and listened to the mounting research connecting dance and the arts, to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the individual. We are delighted to see the resurgence of the arts in the school curriculum, expanding the breadth of opportunities which will inspire students to discover new skills through artistic expression.

Momentum Moves is now as a resource for educators as we enter this new expansion. We value professional service with a personal touch, which is why the service we provide ensures success at every level. Students need to feel they have achieved a set goal, teachers need to observe and evaluate with confidence and parents need to feel their children are being taught with care. We address all of these needs in our 4 Pillars: Educate - Inspire - Motivate - Play.

Mr. Bill receives a creative Thank You from Gr. 2 1 at Toniata Public School - Brockville, ON.

We also value the human need to feel recognized for our efforts. As dancers, we recognize that teaching dance is not an easy thing to do, which is why we continue to gather feedback to become better teachers. We value the participation of all students at every level and we love to acknowledge them by ending our full week workshop with a Friday Student Showcase.

Mr. Bill au spectacle des élèves à École Élémentaire Cité Jeunesse - Trenton, ON.

This showcase adds a richness to the week long learning experience, leaving everyone feeling validated for their participation. We will provide you with everything you need to create your schedule for the week and take care of all logistics for the showcase.

Contact: info@momentummoves.ca / 613-851-9770